Since 2007, Childhood Food Solutions has been delivering shelf-stable groceries to homes.

Childhood Food Solutions (CFS) provides sacks of groceries to elementary school children. We provide these sacks right before late-month non-school days.

During the school year children receive their sacks at school. During the summer, we work with neighborhood groups to get our sacks into the apartment buildings and homes.

Why Do We Do This? »

The Old Way

Children bring the food home.

The Emergence Of The COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease Has Forced Us To Evolve.

Before Covid-19, the children served as our “food couriers” by bringing the food home. Now professional delivery by a third party logistics company is necessary.

That’s why more than ever, we need your support and donations to help us keep serving meals.

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The New Way

Professional delivery.

Childhood food insecurity leads to childhood hunger.

Executive Director, Tony Fairhead, explains how Childhood Food Solutions fills in the school year food gaps.

Typical Sack Contents

Our sacks contain “filling” items so that about 250 calories fills you up. A typical sack contains over 10,000 calories so it provides 40 “fill-ups”!


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