Thank you for the food and the applesauce and the apple for my family.
—- Anonymous


I especially enjoyed the cereal. I share the cereal with my granny and she love cereal.
—-9 Year Old Boy


God led us to Zip Code 45225. A group of seven of us founded Childhood Food Solutions in July, 2007, and we began by focusing on the children who attend Ethel M. Taylor Academy, serving especially the Millvale/Moosewood community of Cincinnati.

With financial, professional and prayer support, we started Childhood Food Solutions to attack childhood food insecurity.
—- Founders


A pregnant teen came to one of our community centers without maternity clothing, her belly hanging out, wearing slippers to walk to a Thanksgiving Basket sign-up on a cold November day.

She most likely dropped out of school and is now under the control of a boyfriend. There are no parents to protect her. At this point she is likely depressed and believes that she has no way out.
—- Volunteer


One boy said he hides his food in his backpack because his mother’s boyfriend would eat it. He reports that his food “keeps his belly from hurting.”
—- Anonymous

One girl eats the fruit item right away. She fixes the Ramen Noodles in the microwave on Saturday. Cheese crackers are saved for when there is not enough food.